Monday, May 18, 2009

The Internet Gets Me Down

I was reading somewhere in the vast internets from a group of people who think we are crazy for wanting to use less, pollute less, and preserve the environment. How can that be? In my way of thinking, it doesn't matter how you feel about 'global warming' or the government. Using less is the honorable way to live. Why should we be so greedy? Why not use just what we need? Does it make a person happier/healthier/more holy to use more than they need?  Is it their 'right'? Even now we use way more than we need, but we are trying with our every effort to create the things we use here, or procure them locally at least, to offset our use so that others can have more/live longer/ be more free. In turn, we hope our children will see our choices and whether or not they live this way they will learn it is possible. That is the bottom line. How can that be crazy?
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