Tuesday, May 05, 2009

karl posted about our adventure yesterday.

i am delighted to have an italian heirloom pepper for pickling. of cours,e i will save seeds and start my own next time. same for the heirloom eggplants we picked up.

why did we go in spite of illness concerns? well, the kids made us. yesterday morning the kids were asking, repeatedly, why we weren't going. then they would chat amongst themselves about how much they loved it last year. seriously-  4 and 6 year old- recalling the joys of last year's festival!so we decided to go. they had so very much wholesome fun. even anatoly had a little fun. rome mostly slept.

the kids picked out some seeds (like we need more seed!) . kassi chose chives, tristan chose moonflowers and toly chose harlequin marigolds (i love these). i chose some ichiban type eggplant seeds for more variety next year.


you can catch a tiny glimpse of  the dress i made for myself sunday in this picture- another from that common sense pattern. i altered it a lot.

and the over-dress/ pinafore i made kassi here, pattern taken from an etsy birthday dress.

next time i can sew i am going to make us both some pantaloons (kassi calls them jiggle pants!). i only have a single pair of pantaloons and with bee season comes pantaloon season. i also ordered a ruffled-hem dress pattern today because i saw so many yesterday. i had forgotten about them because i was always pregnant and couldnt wear them.


i guess i have written a lot on other blogs about why i prefer dresses. sometimes, you need a a pair of shorts and a teeshirt and sturdy gloves- like for digging post holes. sometimes you need a tough pair of over or coveralls- like for administering lifesaving medicine to large animals in the rain or ice.  but most times what i need is a comfortable, feminine dress that is modest and allows for nursing the baby. it needs to feel feminine because with my job at home, anything helping me feel feminine or lovely is good. i rarely have time for anything pretty, so even a floral print on a house dress is nice. it pleases me a lot that kassiopeia loves long, cotton dresses, too. she doesn't like itchy fabric and anything that doesn't reach her ankles is, according to her, too short. she loves the twirl factor of the long dress. she also loves to wear bloomers and pinafores.  i will enjoy her tastes always, but this is a fun time.

today i am charged with serious laundry catch-up and cleaning the house. i didn't mention i was sick sunday, which put everything into disarray. it is a beautiful spring day and everything is green!
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