Saturday, May 23, 2009

planting stuff

need to tie the tomatoes again.

planted two stout rows of okra today. we should have okra if nothing else. the kids love pickled okra. we also like to grill it fresh and whole. i have a soft spot for (from) fried okra, but when okra is fresh it is too hot outside to fry anything, even in the wee hours. and anyway, i am the only o'melay that truly loves fried okra. sometimes when i am canning tomato sauce for pasta i sneak a few pods into the sauce. anyway, i planted it today.

i also fretted over our amish paste row of tomatoes, which has moles threatening it. i do not like moles.

we got our kaolin/ Surround in the mail. 50lbs. that isn't where we bought it from, though. we bought it from Seven Springs. i tried it on one row of tomatoes and need to do so again since it rained today.

i have weeded one of the carrot beds. one more to go. need to finish picking strawberries in the morning. and tie tomatoes! and i should mulch more using grass clipping from lawnmowing.
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