Friday, May 22, 2009

progress report.

the root cellar got covered yesterday. lots of pictures and even a short video clip at karl's blog.

i planted the 4 poblano peppers our neighbor gave us. we have 12 or 14 hot peppers in already, these were just a last minute gift. there are yellow squash plants up, and butternuts, pumpkins and cucumbers. the pole beans are climbing. the beet rows are thriving. the carrots need weeding. the onions look great. the tomatillos have many large fruits and hundreds of flowers. the strawberries are almost done for the season and the black raspberries are big and green. it is almost time to plant okra and then, sweet potatoes. my slips are on the windowsill. i have yet to plant the melon seedlings that are currently in the greenhouse. when karl gets home today i may have him help prep for more basil plantings and also the melons.

the tomatoes are really doing well so far. i pray for hail to miss us as always.

the house is a wreck. laundry, dishes, all on the menu today. planning the next few meals too. i should use one day this upcoming week to can more black beans. we have been living on hummus, btw, from the chickpea canning frenzy.

Anatoly has been talking so much. it is great. this morning was 'essential' Toly: I said "good morning, toles" and he said, in a little apprehensive voice, "okay". but he really has been grasping at words and using whole sentences. lo-love, chickens, yummy. (referring to the meat birds, of course!) trist-u hurt, here! (when tristan has bumped him, etc) rome-e, done, yet? (asking if it is his turn- not a common thing for him to do but nice when it happens). it is so much easier than when he could and would not say or ask and spent his whole day screeching at us. we still have a lot, lot, lot of screaming (enough that most people who call here ask, at least twice, what is that screaming? is everyone okay?) but having words has really helped.

i haven't had a chance to sew in awhile. today is not the day. too much to do... but soon!

another thing on my docket is thawing and canning (in the form of jam) the peaches i froze last summer. it is a shameful thing that i didn't do it over the winter. oh, well. karl is picking up lemons for it today. we have 1/2 a grassfed beef at the butcher. must make room in the freezer. you know, the freezer that isn't stuffed with pork. there are much worse dilemmas.
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