Friday, May 01, 2009


it is frustratingly rainy. we worked in the rain all day yesterday, fighting the storm and trying to make progress on our almost-complete chicken coop. very very close. but today is looking too stormy even for that.

we had exciting plans for the weekend that have been trampled upon by the H1N1 flu. having nearly died of flu-turned-pneumonia in December, i can't take the family out to large crowds for like, the next year. i am still suffering from lung weakness and am in the prime age bracket for this flu to really get me. yes, part of me sighs and rolls my eyes and recalls SARS and other pandemics that never 'panned' out (tee hee!) but another part of me knows that flu pandemics do happen and a fool would think they can't happen now. i have a new healthy respect for the flu and subsequent pneumonia & viral blindness because i experienced it firsthand, recently. karl is wearing a cloth mask at work for me.

but staying at home doesn't mean not doing anything! we have 75% of the tomatoes in, have caged the tomatillos and mulched a lot, the green beans are up, and of course the chicken coop is almost operational. Jocelyn is out in the electric fence eating spring grass (she took to the electric very easily). we have our cured pork back and love it.

in garden developments, we need to plant one more big row of tomatoes next time the ground is dry enough. we have part of the area tarp-covered. it will be mostly cherokee purple. and anytime now we can plant our big trellis rows of cucumbers (japanese long) butternuts (waltham) and pumpkins (winter luxury pie).  and yellow squash hills and Galia melons... and the hot peppers that are happy in the greenhouse would be even happier in the ground. at that point the greenhouse will be all but empty.

if i can, i may start my melons early in the greenhouse today. they will only be a week or two advanced but that way i can guarantee germination and plant just the number i want.

karl is going to buy eggplant plants for me when he goes out next. i didnt start any from seed.

i canceled OT/ EI. it became unhealthy and unhelpful. anatoly didnt like them OTs anymore. they were trying to make him play with them, which was not working at all. their attitudes shifted from open and lovong to demanding, of both him and me. i could go into further detail but let's just say i am so glad to be done. i learned a little and i think it was a good thing to try. the end.

yes, i am going to try and make a badge for the 'living challenge' and a set of ideals to go with it. it may take a bit.
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