Wednesday, May 13, 2009

rome's first steps

it is official, he is walking. this puts him at the second-latest position- tristan walked at 11 mos, kassi 7 months, anatoly 8. rome is 9 months old. not that i compare them that way, just a curiosity.

romneya has taken a step here and there in the past few weeks, but last night he decided that not only would he walk great distances, but he would do it carrying a hammer. a way to distinguish himself, no doubt, as the youngest of 4. he did this all evening with different objects. he generally objected to walking without holding something in one hand.

i have video of this but it is friends-only on flickr because he is naked. and i think i only have a few flickr friends, but if you want to be my friend i am omelay. when you ask to be my friend, please tell me who you are so i will know.

rome is almost asleep in my lap, the other kids are all quiet if they are awake, i am not sure. hermione brought her kittens to the front door this morning, meaning she is done hiding them in the barn i suppose. there are chores to do and clothes to hang on the line and a kitchen to clean. karl brought home 200 pounds of wheat berries, 25 pounds of chickpeas and another 25 pounds of rice. (which btw was expensive- rice has really gone up!) i hope to sew pantaloons at last today. we will see!
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