Saturday, May 09, 2009

some farm stuff

this morning we bought some farm items:

a second 12v solar fence charger. these have doubled in price since we bought our first. now, you might be thinking, why 2? each one charges 30 miles of fence! but we need two in order to have seperate, non-connected areas charged. because of small children (okay, pretty much just Toly) we cannot run live wires across our land. two chargers means more freedom and less moving of chargers. if you are looking for a recommendation, we love our (now 2) magnum 12s.

a new silage fork. don't ever buy welded forks. forged are what it is all about if they get any amount of use. and they do, when you compost every bit 'o' manure that hits the ground.

some new hog nipples for next fall when we do pigs again. we loved having the pigs and (surprise) really love having them in the freezer. karl wants to be all set up for next year and our current nipple system is beat up...

another poultry fountain. we use these for our broilers, but are also going to have a summer fountain in the new laying coop. obviously this will not work in the winter, but we plan rainwater collection and gravity feed water from the collection tank using this as the fountain. both this item and the hog nipples are much more useful if you have a plumber as pater familias.

an emasculatome. i don't think needs explanation, but i will say we may give it a shot on Phoenix who is both mean and a threat to our beautiful heifer's virginity. if he were sterile they could run together and be free! and he would be more docile. but whether or not we use it on him we may need it for future calves so buy it we did.
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