Monday, June 22, 2009

belated tribute

We sort of missed father's day because we had Kassi's birthday party yesterday- SO FUN! But I wanted to take a moment to say, I Love Karl. He is the best father and the best man I have ever known and I love him. There are too many reasons... but I will try to list a few:

He has witnessed the births of our 4 wonderful children, and been by my side while we both learned (and continue to learn) how to parent them. He is my enabler in all ways and my best friend. He loves the kids and it shows, shows, shows in their proud-strong-happy spirits and how they run to the gate when they hear the sound of his truck pulling in, fighting for the first hug. He listens to me and to them. He keeps us safe and provides without any question. He puts up with me. He is content with our little life here. He loves me and I feel loved. Last but not least, he made me a Whizbang Chicken Plucker. Now that is love.
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