Sunday, June 07, 2009

a good weekend was had by all

karl just left for work and i will miss him.

we didn't do as much as we could have this weekend. perhaps that is what made it such a good, relaxing one! but we did still get a lot done. kassi and i dug the potatoes. karl moved compost. we started a big vat of compost tea, i tied the tomatoes. i weeded our second beet row and the carrots. karl fixed some hose issues in the garden/ irrigation way. karl got in some work on the chicken plucker and we tied back the asparagus (i still have to weed there and compost and mulch.) we bottled kombucha yesterday. oh, and karl fixed up the pulley system for the chicken coop ramp. and he cleaned out the feed seems like i didn't do much, but i was also raising 4 kids, washing all the laundry and preparing 100% of the food. so, there!

where the potatoes were we still have to plant. but today is reserved for folding laundry. and cleaning the house, and planning the week's meals, because i haven't done that yet. if it doesn't rain all day i will give compost tea to the tomatillos. we had tomatillos last night! in fact, last night's dinner deserves its own paragraph.

so, last night for dinner we had tacos with our own grassfed beef (well, my dad's), and my own canned black beans. i made tortillas with the best lard from our own pigs. and we served these with a big bowl of fresh-from-the-vine tomatillos chopped with our own cilantro and salt (not ours) and lime (not ours). it was superb! and hopefully the tomatillos will continue to give us baskets of fruit for a long time. i hope to can tomatillo salsa this year.

we have beets as big as apples out there! soon it will be time to can beets, both plain and pickled. and green beans about an inch long, so less than a week until bean picking begins. i have a big giant pile of potatoes, so they are on the menu for a long time! i think i am going to make potato salad today, with boiled eggs because i boiled two dozen the other day.

anatoly took off with my fridge & house keys and hid them somewhere. luckily we have seconds but because we don't have thirds i am not using the fridge lock right now. but when i was using it i liked it. today, me hopes, i will find the keys.

kassi will be 5 in 10 days.  amazing, amazing girl. over the weekend she identified 3 or 4 new wildflowers, including prairie blue-eyed grass and dianthus. she also is a tremendous help digging potatoes and watching after rome. last night she ate her first tomatillo and liked them! sadly, this morning i will have to tell her the bluebird nest we were watching has been partially destroyed (two of the eggs), probably by our local wrens. she had named all five of the eggs already. i guess it is as natural as it comes.
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