Monday, June 01, 2009

how about pictures and a real update?

here is kassiopeia. she will be 5 very, very soon. we will be planning a birthday party  for the weekend around her birthday... if you live nearby, i will let you know. kassi has suddenly gained a taste for computers. she has never really liked games, computers, or other electronic things. but i showed her a wildflower ID site and now she can't be stopped- she is playing Starfall, taking care of her Webkinz, you name it! i am very happy for her. because she is so independent and will only learn to do things her way, it is best she has a powerful new tool to do just that!

here is jocelyn. she is about 8 months old. she was born here last September and is a high-falutin' registered Jersey heifer. i do hope she is a sturdy, healthy cow for us for many years. to that end we are waiting to breed her until she is over a year and 650 pounds. then, we have to figure out how we plan to breed her, since her childhood sweetheart, phoenix, is now a steer. we would prefer AI, and i guess we may have to teach ourselves soon.

the doctor. rose tyler and martha jones are the others... i will have to get better pix of them. the kittens are at that ears-too-big-pounce-on-everything stage. so fun.

everything is splendor right now. this is that time of year. it is hard to imagine that some things will thrive and others will fail when it is like this. but that is the way it is. gosh, we were looking back 3 years in karl's blog at our first garden here. like another world. so much has changed (2 more children, mostly) and everything has grown. this is our home. i am so happy. and to anyone who thinks blogging is not worth the time or effort, i find it so worthwhile. even if only privately, because we can navigate through thoughts and photos and revisit each year. pictures of the kids and birthdays... like a virtual scrapbook of our lives. it is both practical and dear.

i am making a waldorf doll for kassi. the first one i made, years back, was not very exciting to her and eventually found its way to goodwill. this time i am trying harder and hoping her being 5 will improve her love of the thing. i am not very far into the process. i have the head formed and stuffed and am sewing on the face skin. i have ballpoints for sewing the body and then will stuff it. i have plenty of fabric for the dresses, and hope also to make a matching dress for kassi. her hair is also matching to kassi's. i know making a doll is precious but sometimes i wish we could just buy a sturdy, handmade one and i could sew it clothes. i feel like each step in this process is difficult and ends up sloppy. plus, i can't even tell you how hard it is to find free time to do it as a secret! moms of many, you know what i mean. the dress i want to make to match is the girls' romantic era with puffed sleeves. i have a lovely pink rose print fabric for it.

we also bought kassi a Nintendo DS in Pink and a game for it. we bought it months ago when we knew we had the money and it is actually in the garage! at the time, she had no interest in games or such and we were just hoping she would enjoy it. but now i know she will. and having a second ds means two can play together wirelessly. the game i bought is a no-reading required girls-type game, Disney Princess: Magical Jewels. i know, i know! it's very disney. but kassi will LOVE it. and it can be played easily as she learns to read, which is key.

other things i would like to buy for everyone, not just kassi are more guidebooks/ id books. we need a better bird ID book (i want Birds of Missouri Field Guide) and i would like a plant id book too but all i can find are Missouri Wildflower books like this one. Kassi would really like one that had all plants and weeds and flowers. there is this one: Trees of Missouri. Kassi is insatiable when it comes to knowing the names of every living thing. and she doesn't just want to know, she remembers it all. and she brings me new flowers and plants each day for me to identify.

tristan is blossoming into a real, true helper. it is really something. i am so proud of him, karl is too. kassi is also helpful, especially with rome. oh and rome has a fifth tooth! anatoly is talking a whole big lot. his language has so many quirks that i love and will miss when they are gone. with summer time and going in & out so very popular here, karl installed a deadbolt at the top of the front door, on the inside, so i can lock toly in with me. i can use the keys to lock the kids out with me. it sounds strange, but it has already soothed my soul. i must know where anatoly is at all times, and now i can at least control in or out. we are also getting a Refrigerator Door Lock (if i can ever click checkout. i feel like such an ogre buying one of these!). it has been one of those months where i am realizing where we are is not where we need to be. it is time we accepted that anatoly is not going to outgrow this any time soon. so now i am the mother with a necklace of keys around her neck.


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