Wednesday, June 03, 2009

insane here

everything has reached critical mass. the kids' ages, the number of them, my stress level, the house's durability. it is a wild place rife with messes, screaming, more messes, broken items... constant. i am woken up by someone yelling 'where's my tooth!!' that's tristan, and he spends his days busy with his interests or defending them to violence. the baby keeps falling whilst toddling and hurting himself and looks like he has been through a small baby war. kassi is either hoppin' & skippin' and asking 100,001 questions or crying somewhere because all she wants is a dollar and no one gives her one and her teeth won't fall out. and then toly... well,  if you have ever spoken to me on the phone, you have heard him.  if i had to stereotype where he is at any given moment i would say he is hanging from the new fridge lock wailing 'NO ... lo- lock,  ... it!"

oh yes lo-lock it, my love. yes.
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