Wednesday, June 17, 2009

it has begun.

today i will pick green beans for the first time this year. until my plantings die, i will pick every 36 hours from now on.

thursday or friday we will kill the first batch of meat chickens. just the largest- as many as we can do in one day. (and we aren't sure what this number will be because we have added the Whizbang plucker to our arsenal!) we will not stop killing birds each week until all 50 are in the freezer.

i lost count on cucumber beetles this morning, but i will guess 100 dead. i lost count at around 80 because i got off into a tangent of squash bug killing. i will not stop hunting squash bugs night and day until my plants finally succumb to their woes.

nor will i stop weeding, or worrying, or hoeing, or crawling around in the mud looking for issues with the plants.
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