Tuesday, June 09, 2009


the days right now are pretty horrible- they are long, which is fine, but they are mostly unbearably sunny and hot. in the morning and evening there are two windows for garden and outdoor work, but they are infested with mosquitoes, both. the morning is slightly better than the evening, but it is short. and then, there are the kids, who will not go with me kindly or stay behind. especially anatoly who can't seem to stand me being on the other side of a fence or out the door or anything. he can be completely engrossed in play or a movie and if i slip outside he is instantly wailing , running naked and shoeless to where i am, scaling every fence and gate as need be. anatoly does not nap.

with all that in mind, i am behind in my duties. i need to be spraying Surround right now, and neem at the base of the plants and putting the tulle around the curcurbits (i'll explain later) and i am even behind in weeding the carrots which is a no-no. oh and for cryin' out loud, i forgot to soak okra seeds last night to re-seed sparse areas! that is the last straw, i am going out there right now and i will finish writing and drinking coffee later!


so i am back, some 3 hours later.  cucumber beetles are taking over the world. i did part of the tulle-screen and neem combo, not all, too sunny now. i sprayed Surround on everything, including myself and two cats (ok, anatoly sprayed the cats). and i used DE on all the curcurbits, not something i ususally do but i have got to get these cucumber beetles under control. later today i will hoe around all the squash and down the rows, which should help with the beetles even more. they kind of hide in the dirt and lay eggs so cultivation helps.

i have to say it is kind of our fault- we allowed this to happen with our garden last year, we let it go when rome was born which meant the beetles bred like rabbits. and now we are playing the price.

i also cut some Septoria Leaf-Spot foliage from two or 3 tomato plants that are struggling with this mildly. i was reading that while it will not cure it, removing infected foliage does reduce the spore load, since the spots are where the spore are growing and untimately released. we are using a bacillus subtilis spray against funguses so every little bit of spore-removal helps. i will reveal my serious garden geekdom and say i cut the foliage with sterile scissors into a container without touching the leaves. then, i removed said foliage to a far away place and will commence to re-sterilize both scissors and container.

i am soaking those okra seeds, by the way. when i originally planted the okra i had extra soaked seed and i put them in a flat in the greenhouse. so i have a flat of seedlings + this new seed soaking and this evening i will put them all in the sparse areas of my okra rows.

i guess all i write about anymore is the garden and animals. but that is about all i am doing. i haven't even cut the pattern for kassi's birthday dress. which reminds me, i chose a date for her party- sunday the 21st of june after 1pm. so please, give us a call if you want to come!
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