Friday, June 05, 2009

kombucha and other things

karl has been making kombucha for a year or maybe two. i like kombucha, but in the past never have craved it the way i do now. right now i am drinking at least one quart a day. anatoly also loves it. tristan thinks it is okay and kassi & rome really dislike it. karl of course drinks it constantly, which is why he has 6 gallons brewing right now.  we need more Grolsch beer bottles to bottle it in to make it nice and fizzy. we only have 20 or so.

kombucha is like champagne, iced tea and apple cider vinegar all at once.

yesterday i:

  • sprayed the tomatoes with bacillus subtilis.  (Serenade. )

  • sprayed the cucumbers with Surround.

  • helped karl cover the root cellar with mint which we dug from my giant row of mint in the garden.

  • kept the house alive, laundry going, food production running smoothly

  • weeded the big basil row. it really needed it.

  • tied the cherokee purples and the tomatillos.

  • enjoyed a beautiful dinner of arugula salad, corn on the cob and meatloaf from our pork and beef.

today i need to weed more but feel pretty tired. once i get the house clean, laundry rolling and folded, and everyone fed i may just stay in and work on kassi's doll. perhaps i will cut out her dress pattern too.
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