Monday, June 15, 2009

not having a dryer does not blend well with surprise thunderstorms. hopefully today will be a clother-drying kind of day, because my lines were full and now i am really, deeply behind.

i have been fighting the cucumber beetles. i think i am making progress. and fighting Septoria Leaf Spot on some of the tomatoes... no real progress there.  everything is so beautiful you would think that it must bear fruit, but i know from experience that these things, left uncontrolled, can kill the entire crop before even one cucumber or tomato comes in the house. i have little baby yellow squash to protect.

i shall call this week "get it together' week, because my time as a lazy housewife must come to an end. well i am not lazy, but i am about to get a whole lot less lazy if you know what i mean. green bean picking will begin this week, which means canning will also begin. at the same time i am preparing to have some people over for kassi's birthday party on sunday. nothing huge but it takes a bit out of me to plan for something like that. and i really need to make freezer room because we are killing chickens soon- just the first round. (and karl finished the plucker so i have been singing to the tune of "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain": I won't be plucking chickens anymore!

this week, i really should

  • clean the laundry room. this means sort through all those winter clothes too and put them away.

  • clean the collections of bills and papers that always pile up in the kitchen.

  • wash the back porch

  • sew k's dress! i cut out the pattern.

  • repair the ripped curtain.

  • make a list for dh to buy all the party items.

  • wash all the laundry and actually get it dry.

  • continue to make freezer room.

p.s. anatoly is speaking all of the time. in fact there seems to be nothing he can't say. it is amazing and helpful. when i think back to the anatoly who could not or would not say anything, who screamed at me all day, who repeated only what i said... wow, he has come so far. i still get screamed at far more than anyone ought to, but he is really figuring it all out. i feel so good about it. i think part of it is the locks, etc have given me peace of mind.
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