Tuesday, July 28, 2009

nothing much to report

karl and i made a batch of green tomato salsa last night which i hope to can up this morning. i use Susan's recipe over at Farmgirl Fare. her blog has long been an inspiration to me. and she is local (ish).  we have used this recipe and variations thereof  since we first moved here and it is a favorite. this batch is perfect. we have enough tomatoes, etc. to make one more similarly huge batch today or tomorrow.

also today i need to pick tomatoes and pepperoncini peppers for pickling. and find the water bill and pay it. and clean and launder and on and on.

i am in dire need of 'normal' clothes to wear to saint louis. i have nothing that is not 1) weird 2) ripped, stained, worn or 3) doesn't fit, either too big or to small. Toly rips a lot of my shirts at the neckline. well, all of my shirts to be honest. my one favorite pair of jeans just ripped at the knees and while i can mend them and wear them, i want a couple of nice, 'normal uniforms for saint louis and the doctors. one problem with buying new clothes is that around here, the kids always seem to be climbing me with filthy hands, the tomato vines leave stains, and i am constantly cooking/ prepping/ canning. it is hard for me to hold back a nice outfit because i want to feel as though i look presentable even if i never leave the property. well, this time i am going to do my very best. to not wear the nice outfits except in saint louis or out of the house.  karl okay-ed a purchase this morning from lands' end, and i soon will have 3 normal outfits, just jeans and shirts. nothing dressy, but clean and bright and new. i will brush my hair and wear these outfits and seem completely average.

the kids are all awake now save tristan. he is so amazing- he eats constantly and sleeps like a log. in between these two activities he is smart, fun, and helpful too. kassi is our artist these days. i should take pics of her art, it is stunning. she draws pictures of bugs and flowers and ponies with little baby ponies in their tummies. and pictures of her and her friends, roasting marshmallows, flying kites and playing soccer.

anatoly is talking so well, and has even learned how to (often) say he does not want something. that was a huge thing for him.  until recently he could not say he didn't want (or like) this or that. he would say wa-want ____, and if it was in a positive tone he meant he wanted it, a negative tone meant he did not want it.  before he learned "want" he just said the thing nicely or meanly.  such as wa-watch (a movie), wa-watch! and you would ask "watch?" and he would make a happy sound if he did and would scream if he didn't. anyway, his language acquisition is amazing to me and different in so many ways. suffice it to say it is very helpful to me that he can now say he does not want this or that. he is also a little jokester. he will come into the kitchen and say 'whatcha makin-bacon?' tristan taught him that. he has had no more seizures and seems pretty well, though yesterday was a terrible day for him emotionally/ behaviorally.

rome is in my lap. what a perfect little (almost) 1 year old man. he is glee incarnate. he is the world's most beloved baby, with 3 siblings cooing over him most of the time. his relationship with toly has blossomed from fear into boyish rough & tumble fun. toly still hurts rome from time to time but also feeds him chocolate chips, which i think is what keeps rome coming back for more. hey, rome's birth story is here for those interested. almost happy birthday, little guy!

speaking of almost 1, one year ago tomorrow i was slightly overdue and exhausted from weeks of prodromal labor. i showed karl how to milk Rori for when i was laboring. we went to target and bought tristan's birthday present early (his DS). i deeply felt i would never hold my new Romneya.

i am humbled by the constant march of Time over the puddles and pools of my life.
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