Monday, July 06, 2009

ok, update!

we have all been pretty healthy and busy. it is hard to think of all we have done... well, all the cornish cross birds are dead and in the freezer. that was huge. and the plucker is my new best friend. garden stuff continues- yesterday we opened my second planting of cucumbers (it had been under netting all this time to keep it bug free). i hope that when i go out there this morning they are fine.

we have been eating tons of zucchini and yellow squashes, and patty pans, and cucumbers. despite the issues with the cuke vines they are producing well for now.  the tomatillos also continue to give us bundles of fruit and karl turns them into giant bowls of pico de gallo. the hot peppers i started from seed are amazing this year. i have never had pepper plants so tall and lush and covered in flowers. today i am pickling cucumbers (dill spears) and if i feel brave, canning plain beets in my pressure canner. as soon as i get the beets canned - all of them- we can till that area, amend it again, and plant some fall crops. maybe another big row of green beans...

the kids are so big. kassi, of course, is 5 now. she spends most of her day drawing and writing (things i write for her and she copies). tristan is going to be 7 so soon. his main interests are video games, cooking,  and ancient cultures. he is an awesome help with the younger kids and in the garden! (kassi, too- she hunts bugs for me!) anatoly has changed so very much. he is talking so clearly. i wish i had audio of him 5 months ago. now all that is left of that time is his persistent use of two of certain words- such as "i-i love you" he has a huge vocabulary and is even asking questions. he still spends a lot of his day and night upset for reasons i cannot discover. normal 'discipline' such as we have in our house does not work for him. we basically try to distract/ change his focus while we assure the other kids that his behaviors (like biting, scratching etc) are not acceptable. the older kids know that anatoly is a little different. but all in all toles has opened up and is so much easier to be around. he is smart and bright and beautiful. rome is going to be 1 year old. no, really. he says mama and dada! he loves his brothers and sister. walks, runs and climbs (much to my dismay) and can even get down from the big queen bed feet first without help. he is still the easiest baby i have ever known. happy almost always, though when he is not watch out! rome will actually crawl around screaming, banging his own head against the floor, if he wants something and you won't let him have it. (like a dangerous toy item, chokable legos, etc)

tristan got the wishbone from our first home grown chicken of the year and wished. he wished "our family would grow!"when karl asked him how it could grow he said, "you know, have more babies!"
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