Thursday, July 16, 2009

still we wait

The hospital was supposed to call yesterday with a date and time for the neurology appointment, but they did not. I currently am resiting the urge to call there right now and ask what is going on. I know they are busy. I know it is a huge place. I know there are many, many more emergent cases. BUT I would like to plan our trip. I want to know when.

Some friends have offered to loan us their van! (well, two different friends, but we only need one van) This is going to make the trip much less expensive and much more pleasant due to that alone. We are also excited to see tansy & co again because we miss them so much! We hope to make this  a little vacation and I have several tabs open on Firefox right now to choose from:

Saint Louis Art Museum

The Zoo, Of Course (almost certainly)

The Science Center

The Magic House

The Cathedral Basilica (this one is for sure)

The Laumeier Sculpture Park

perhaps the Butterfly House

one of the many Labyriths.

Of course we won't be doing all of that. Mostly we will be taking care of the hospital stuff and dining, visiting and playing with friends!

Meanwhile, back on the homestead:

  • i canned 17 more pints of cucumber pickles, 14 quarts of tomatoes... it is all on the 'canning legend' page i made.

  • karl continues to dehydrate onions at an alarming rate thanks to the mandoline we were gifted. i used it myself to make crinkle-cut hamburger dill pickles! we love it.

  • karl fixed my sewing machine because he is awesome.

  • the weeds are taking over, and there is so much work to do. but i am waiting for the cooler weather they say will come tomorrow and this weekend.

  • we made soap last night and will be cutting it today.

  • i have 6 gallons of tea on for kombucha

  • i am about to shred the tail end of the squash & zukes for a relish recipe.

  • and then cut more crinkle cuke slices for bread & butter pickles.

  • and than i will pick tomatoes and have those to can, when i find the time.

  • and then tomorrow i should can the last of the beets.

  • sometime in there i will pick green beans.

  • and catch up on line-drying everything that has been rained upon.

  • and since my sewing machine is fixed, i owe kassi a birthday dress and she knows it.

  • sigh.

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