Wednesday, July 22, 2009

we have a date!

and it is pretty soon. i would mention it here but ... well, if you know me and want to know just give me a call. the doctor's excuse for not getting it all together is he was unaware anatoly had not had the EEG yet. he is a very busy, popular doctor so i will cut him sonme slack. i know why he is so popular- he listens and actually spends time with you in the room. like, a hour. he is the real deal.  the one downside to the setup in st. louis is we aren't pre-scheduled for the EEG, we are just scheduled for the doc who will then order the EEG. we are at their mercy. if they say they can't fit toles in until the next week, we we either go home & come back or stay. sigh. i am going to attempt to iron out this wrinkle over the phone today. the neuro is just out of residency, which is okay with me, but only just so. i did request someone who has graduated in the last decade.

today is all about the laundry. and picking more tomatoes... because i didnt pick in the rain yesterday but instead canned. i have canned... soemthing over 60 quarts of tomatoes so far. i will have to can more tomorrow. today i will be cleaning and laundering and perhaps weeding but no canning. the cucumbers are done until our second planting comes on. my green beans  have contracted rust and are useless. i need to pick tomatillos to make green sasa for canning. and one of the tomato rows is so smitten with septoria leaf spot i think this weekend we will tear it down for green tomato salsa. the carrots are about ready and i plan to can them as well.

before we go the the city, we hope to plant turnips and some other fall items.

i took lots of pictures and then karl posted them on his blog. so i feel a little odd re-posting them but i am going to anyway.

we made soap ála tansy! this was by far our best batch. the only two changes were- we mixed at a slightly lower temp (103) and we used a very nice olive oil because it had been left open in the kitchen. the soap is a darker white and hard as can be even though it is fresh. it's lovely. yes, we store our curing soap in beer boxes.

my echinacea which i started from seed almost 4 years ago. i have a few others that were gifts to me. soon, i hope to have enough growing to make tincture.

kassiopeia and her sunflowers. she started them from seed in early spring and look! they are amazing. so is she.

the garden is a jungle.

when you are out in it you might get lost!

my pumpkins will not set fruit. this is one of 2 fruits on my huge vine row.

the butternuts do not have the same issue. they look wonderful.

my beloved black hollyhocks that i have always wanted. but they won't bloom this year, they are babies.

i need to get more children pictures but they are miraculously all asleep right now!
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