Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm wanting fall

It is a little early for fall, but I want it so badly. I am tired. Fall is rest.

I haven't been canning too much. The garden is dying back save for the few fall things we have going. The okra is really coming on so I am pickling it here and there. We put up many many pints of chopped basil in the freezer. The turnips are lovely and we will probably have a lot of them as it gets colder. And carrots- I harvested half and have so many, we have been eating them daily. I thought I would can them but thought better of it. Tired, you know.

Mostly I have just been trying to get through each day. Laundry with no dryer is an all-consuming task. Especially with cloth diapers involved!

Also, I have been working a tiny bit each day on my Sonlight IG. I am trying to customize it for us and I don't get a lot of alone time. I am making Herbal Roots Zine fit in the regular schedule, and adding some Donna Young pages for record keeping week-by-week. I am deeply in love with my timeline figures and Book of Time. To that end, I have found just the solution to pricey timeline figures (and the fact that I might want some that span before 5000 BC.) Label paper and free vector art! Yes, it is going to be fun! When we can afford it, I mean. Boy that little part takes the fun out of everything!

Anatoly is having side effects from his medication. His little voice is hoarse and cracked. He is also having 'effects', as opposed to side effects, I think. He is talking. Not just a little more. So much more. He is still having aggression many times throughout the day and does not handle transition/ seems to think everyone is him and wants what he wants. But he says things like.... "tri-tu (tristan) hu-hurt me on my head!"and "No lo-lock the fridge, I said!" and "you're my boy!" which means he wants karl or me to say he is our boy.  He is just fully talking.

Speaking of progress, the-Kassi-who-does-not-read may not be long for this world! She created this on the fridge all on her own. Until recently, she has struggled with letter order- the idea that saiks does not spell kassi. Not anymore! I am so proud of her. She is teaching herself to read.

Today I hope to keep the laundry flowing, the kids fed and myself sane.
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