Friday, August 07, 2009

quick update

Anatoly has 'epilepsy'.  He has been given a medication, Keppra, and the EEG is later today. If they find certain stuff on the EEG we may get an MRI while we are here, so the neurologists say. I have issues with what I have read about Keppra, but I also have issues with not preventing more seizures.

The neurologists were present, kind, smart... they listened to us! we told our whole story and they listened! they said they could not be certain but that it is possible treating Anatoly's epilepsy could change his life.  that it could be the cause of his behavioral issues, sleep issues, everything. They said that as far as any ADD/ ADHD? AS/ PDD thing went, they didn't really see a need to evaluate him until he is older. he is just so little. and so much can change. we actually already have our next appointment in 4 months. then they will see about his meds and how they have been treating him.
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