Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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We bought Sonlight Core 1 this year. We are doing a secular, pared-down version of it: Just the Core, with our own science and Language Arts, plus Singapore Math. Tristan is 'first grade' and Kassi is just learning to read this year. I have a homeschool blog that is sadly sparse, just a little place where I update about the kids. It is here, and I will likely be posting in it on a regular basis starting Sept. 1st.

Anatoly is having medication side effects. I spoke to Dr. Galindo on the phone yesterday and he wants to ait a few more days to a week longer and make sure this is a prolonged thing. Anatoly has a frog in his throat- a sore throat- is losing his voice. It began when we upped his med and has not gotten better, though it also has not gotten any worse.He is also having behavior changes. I was reluctant to attribute them to the Keppra because we just had a big trip and stuff and surely it would get better. It still could get better, but it has not yet.

The way I feel about Anatoly, The Meds, Doctors, His Diagnosis, Other People, And Living With Him From Day To Day can not be written in English at least. It is a big, wibbly-wobbly happy-angsty, terrible and wonderful Thing and often is in the process of driving me truly insane. I love Anatoly always. Sometimes I hate myself, but never him. I just want o feel like I know what is going on. That's pretty basic.

Farm. Garden is turning fall, canning is winding down, we were going to get pigs the other day but instead are getting them today. Jocelyn is beautiful. Everything is just fine with the farm.

The kids are listening to music, dancing. Time for breakfast and more coffee. I have canning today.
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