Wednesday, August 12, 2009

stolen seeds

i have a problem- i steal seeds. when i am out walking around and i see a plant i know or don't know, that i like and that has gone to seed, i grab a few seeds if i can to bring home. is that illegal? what if it is at the Zoo? oh, and how about plant cuttings?

i brought home from the zoo seeds for butterfly weed (they were so fluffy i could not resist!) and for a beautiful green echinacea variety, maybe green jewel? and two unknown seeds, one from a bean-pod style seed carried on a manzanita-leafed shrub, perhaps 2 feet high. it was in the Missouri Wildflowers walk. the other was from a creeping but tall-flowered bush a lot like my horehound but something else. we will see! and cuttings, i brought a pretty sedum, two sprigs of bamboo (may not make it, they didn't like the heat) a russian sage and a pretty coleus.

luckily while we stayed with Tansy & Co she fed my hunger for seeds by giving me, freely, some of hers. I am so proud to be able to plant them in my beds and have sister-herbs to hers. they are: purple and fuscia bergamot, elecampane, tansy, black hollyhock and marshmallow! she also dug a little group of baby stinging nettles, which i have been trying to start from seed for year to no avail. thank you friend! i hope early next spring to start all of these in the greenhouse. i have pans for more raised beds with walkways between them and these big, happy herbs growing!
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