Saturday, August 15, 2009

We spent about 6 hours in the Emergency Room yesterday.

I came across Anatoly and a blister-pack of Benadryl. We have a lock box, but apparently this was not in it. We must have left it out sometime. He had gnawed through all the blisters and had pink powder and crumbs all over his mouth. While I was on the phone with poison control, I estimated he had eaten 4 or 5 of the pills total. They said it was an emergency and to get to the ER or call 911. I then could not get in touch with Karl at all and had no way to go to the ER, so I agonized over calling 911. Eventually, I did call 911 and was talking to the Ambulance Dispatcher when Karl pulled in, so I was able to cancel the ambulance and we went ourselves. On the way I was kind of wishing we had waited for the ambulance because it took so long and Toly was falling asleep. But we finally arrived and they were quick to get us in- poison control had kindly called ahead to tell them a benadryl-overdosed 2yo would be in shortly.

The ER doctor was nice. Anatoly was very groggy and cooperative. They even put an IV in without restraint. The did an EKG, and took blood, and so on. We had to stay 6 hours for observation, and Toly had to drink a big yucky cup of activated charcoal, which he amazingly enough did! The drugs obviously were effecting him. But when they wore off, it was very apparent: he was ripping at his IV, jumping up and down on the bed & chewing up the cords. We left AMA when we had about one more hour left. The doctor seemed to approve even though we had to sign the paper.

I have aged a lot since 10-10-06.
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