Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I haven't written at all about harvest or canning in awhile, because I have not been doing much of it. Things have ground to a halt and it is Fall. I quit harvesting the okra because it was insane. Most of my harvesting these days is to make dinners: last night I used bone broth from our chicken, celery root and parsley and thyme and onions from our garden, plus some rogue potatoes we found and made soup with egg noodles from our hens. We ate this with a big salad from our happy greens patch. I love salad and am so glad the cold has returned to grow it for me.

There is one harvest that is ongoing, and I am doing something new with it. I grew from seed many Serrano Tampequino, an heirloom serrano, and they have been a huge success. This year, while I pickled quite a few jars, I am dehydrating most of them. I am threading them with a needle onto thin hemp twine and putting necklaces into the dehydrator and they are beautiful. They are "Serrano Seco" when dried, and are used in sauces and as chile powder. I can't wait! These are bone-dry and make a lovely rustling sound. I think i could powder them easily in my food processor, or in a mortar. I am not short on space, though, so I am storing them whole in jars.

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