Monday, September 21, 2009

illness again

The kids all got sick first, then I did. Just a head cold but presumably because I had pneumonia so badly last year, I was compromised and it went straight to my lungs. The good news is we had the money to go to an Urgent Care and have them listen to my lungs. They gave me medicine, which we also could afford right now, and I am already feeling better. But the bad news is we only could afford it because we have not had to pay a dime on the car... yet. But very soon we have to go in and pay the taxes, and registration stuff, and out first payment. Oh, well, we will make it work. I had to go in, I tried not to for a few days. But when I woke up yesterday feeling sharp pains with every breath, I had to go. My lung issues are new. I don't really know what to make of them. In addition to regular medicines I am taking elderberry syrup, astragalus and cod liver oil. Also, lots of vitamin C foods. Advice is welcome.

Other than that, there is not much going on. Our giant white oak out front, which was struck by lightning, was cut down by the electric company the other day. They will be back this week to finish the huge job, and we get to keep the wood, though it is a small reward for the loss of the best swing tree on the place. The kids are loving the jungle piles of branches and firewood. Karl is working on stacking when he can, most of his weekend was caring for me and doing my job.

We tried a church these past two sundays- a Catholic Church. It is really pleasant. I think we will keep going. The first time Anatoly did well, but yesterday not so much. I sat with him and Rome in the lobby, but I could hear the service over the intercom. Well, I didn't sit, I chased the two around the lobby and kept them from eating the place. Karl really likes the church, too. We may also try the bigger version a little bit away, because I am hoping they have more kids and thus more noise. I feel a little self-conscious of my whispering children and whahh-ing baby. And then, there's Toly, who will just walk around in the service and cannot be contained. You get this quiet, breathless feeling: if only it was okay for him to walk about, because the moment you restrain him he screams and hisses and bites. There is no whispering to him, C'mon toles, sit on my lap! You'll get ice cream!

I am willing to wait in lobbies, taking turns with Karl. Because despite my obvious struggle with the meaning of life (Is it obvious? It is to me, but I have insider information.) I am searching for a church. I always have been, since we left Immanuel Lutheran in Alameda, which we loved. I don't really know how to make sense of it to Tristan, who wants to know why we want to sit in that boring place. He is so forthright, that one. And he demands truth. So I told him, we just do, we want to be there, and we don't want to leave him out or with someone else, and we're just asking him to sit quietly with us for 45 minutes every sunday, if he can. I told him he can read the hymnal all he wants, or daydream, but that it would mean a lot to us. And he said, that is only once every 7 days! I can do that.

Anyway, for now we have a church we are trying.

Today Karl is back at work and I am only a little better. So I am not asking much of myself. I will pick up where we left off with our Core, and clean a bit and prep an easy dinner, but all I will do beyond that I think is wash my dehydrator. I am planning to dehydrate all my chile peppers. I have so, so many and they are so red and lovely.
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