Monday, September 07, 2009

We Bought a Mini Van

It is not exactly what we wanted-  especially the giant, looming debt part. But we love it and Tristan has already named it. (He named it Neutral.) We have driven it to and fro and approve of it heartily. It is an 08 Kia Sedona that was a fleet vehicle for Enterprise and still has its original warranty. It is brand new to us.

I guess it goes without saying we have no idea how we are going to afford it or its full coverage insurance. The situation is so dire I have actually been on the phone with my Utilities trying to lower costs even the tiniest bit... I may have some progress there, but it will take a month or so to see the benefits. We may cancel our trash pickup. We are definitely putting up an Eggs For Sale sign to offset feed costs. Karl will have to work more, and there will be no frivolous buying of things like laundry soap. But, in exchange, we get...

To go places as a family!

For a year, a whole year, we have gone virtually nowhere together but the ER and hospital trips. I went through phases of it bothering me, then not bothering me, over the year. When Romneya was tiny, it was easier to accept, since I didn't want to go anywhere anyway. When Anatoly was less verbal, I didn't want to go anywhere, because Toly + Innocent Bystanders= Chaos. Things are different now. Yesterday we went to the park and played and Toly had fun! Rome ran around and the kids had a blast! All while I got to sit and chat and relax. Of course, Karl was there to push swings and rescue babies stranded at the tops of slides. I love Karl.

While we were at the park we were getting our loaned-out Husky back. You know, the Husky:

Anatoly Gustav Wren O'Melay, you have met your 5-point harness match! Honestly, even before we had the car, when Karl would take Toly out in his car seat, he would get out of it constantly and begin to move about the cabin. And there is no reasoning with the boy, just yelling and threatening to lock the fridge. Not anymore! (evil laugh).

Interesting tidbit: At the dealership the main salesman must've tagged me as some kinda hippie. He came out with, "Have you ever heard of The Farm?", to which I replied yes, of course! Then he confessed he lived there for years. I mentioned I only knew of The Farm through Ina May's books which brought us into a whole long conversation about how all 4 of his babies were born at home. The 65 year old salesman at the car dealership was standing there talking about his wife's placenta. It was superb! I have to say I genuinely like any man that is comfortable talking about placentas.  We were happy to buy a car from him.

The first thing we did when we got home was apply a bumper sticker.

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