Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas plans, sewing ramble...

We have made some preliminary decisions regarding Christmas for the kids. Karl is going to make a wooden castle, a little like this one:

This will go well with our small collection of Schleich-style soldiers and knights, and perhaps we can add a few more with the castle. That will be for everyone.

I am going to sew, and maybe knit if I find the time. The kids each picked out flannel prints and I will present them with pajamas for Christmas.

Tristan's, Kassi's, Rome's and Toly's in that order. It is so much fun to go with kids and pick out fabric with them.  I also bought a yard of anti-pill fleece (my very first time buying fleece, and it is for backing for the fern & faerie woman-stuff pattern) and a some bright green flannel for Green Link, since I had all the fabric for Red, Blue and Pink Link but no Green.  There was a huge sale.

When we got home Karl's parents' packages had arrived for the kids, and among all the very nice things they sent were many cuts of nice flannel prints! If I had known We could have forgone some of the fabric I bought, but I am sure it will all get used.

I have these Link things to complete, but all I want to do is make these other things I have in mind. I am hoping that writing about the other things will help, so here goes: I have found, in my fabric stash, some nice jersey in dark blue and brown. Also some grey and white sherpa. Tristan badly needs LS shirts so I hope to make some LS tees from the jersey with contrasting ribbing (I found baby robin blue for the brown, and pistachio-like green for the blue) Then I intend (though I have never done this before) to embellish the tees with rough applique made of other, contrasting knits fabrics. You'll see whether I succeed or not. The sherpa will become a hoodie for Tristan. And he needs pants, which aren't on my really-wanna-do radar yet. Kassi & Toly don't need clothing very badly, not right now.

I also found some colorful cotton fleeces and ribbings to make Rome more rompers. I loved making that romper! And I can't wait to make more. I have two local friends who are pregnant, too, so I was thinking about making some baby rompers eventually- one of the mamas is expecting twin girls.

And, as I mentioned before, I have about 21 days to make a whole giant stash of fern & faerie womanstuffs, so I need to find the time for that. Basically, I need to get the Links done already so I can move on! I finished one Link tunic yesterday, the Blue Link. If I can, today I will make the hat and start the Pink Link.

Back to Christmas. The castle, the pajamas. I also have ideas of making more costume items- knight things, capes, new robin hood hats. Kassi will be wanting a new dress, and I have plenty of fabric for it. Something Long sleeved and warm... For knitting, if I find the time, I would have loved to knit each kid a sweater but do not have the funds for yarn. So hats or scarves are the thing. I have a lot of yarn, but not a lot of one kind as for a sweater. Tristan is getting so big, you can't just throw together a couple of skeins and make it work anymore! Anyway, a homemade Christmas, though we may buy some books and even a DS game if the money is there...

Will post pictures of the Blue Link soon, when Tristan is amiable. He looks perfect in it!
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