Saturday, October 10, 2009

it really is fall!

I was wanting fall, hoping for it, back when it was summer. Then as the first day of fall came I was glad, but I had already been pretending it was fall for a couple of weeks so there was no big to-do. Last night I went to pull carrots and turnips for my soup and with my hands wet, nearly froze! This morning it is in the thirties. It is actually fall, and we actually need to get some fall things done, or soon it will be winter! Things like:

  • cover our row of greens and lettuce

  • plant another bed of arugula and lettuce to cover

  • buy and plant garlic, once we decide where we want it next year...

  • dig and pot rosemary, lavender, parsley & thyme for indoors.

  • finish harvesting those hot peppers

I have been immersed in sewing. I will take pictures when I can... since I made that "T" shirt for Tristan I felt compelled to make "K", "A" and "r" for the others... yes, the "r" is lowercase.  I made long sleeved tees just like Tristan's for K and A, but for Rome I made a jumpsuit/ romper with long sleeves and snaps from the waist. His little lowercase "r" is too cute. I also made a pair of flannel pants for Kassi. So yeah, sewing a lot. Why? I rarely to never sew at this time of year. This is prime knitting season. I dunno.

I have my machines all working, that is one big motivator. And I have all my patterns out which helps. And Tristan really needed shirts, and still does, so I will be making a few more for him. I want a few more patterns, too, of course. This pajama pattern, and the adult version too, really. And this men's tee pattern to make Karl teeshirts. I would also like the collection of women's masters here. I guess some people think these are 'easy' patterns, and they are, but that is not why I love them. These are just plain lines, the beginning of any garment you can imagine, in every size. Every dress I have made for Kassi has been based on them. All the costumes. Soon I will make four different sized Link tunics from them. (all 4 kids want to be link) they are simple, changeable. Woven, knits, collar, no collar, ribbing, elastic, buttons or snaps. And they are printed on real paper because you are expected to use them again and again. The disappointment I feel when I interact with a McCall's-type pattern is just too much. So for me, so far, it is KwikSew, Folkwear, and Sensibility. What patterns do you like?
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