Thursday, October 15, 2009

the mundane

We all have a little cold today. Karl, too, luckily he had yesterday off and got to rest. He did set up the wood stove and we had our first fire. Perhaps a little premature, but as wood is our only heat source it was nice to have a little warm to cozy by with our colds. Today I have about 10 loads of laundry to do, and all the dishes in the house, and a lot of leftover turkey to turn into soup. That's the mundane. It always feels like it is getting between me and inspired, fun activities. But if I would just stay on top of the regular work, it wouldn't pile up, I know.

So my hope for this day is: To get laundry going, stock boiling, the kids fed, and dishes done, the house presentable early in the day. Then I would like to take some time with our Sonlight schedule, make sure dinner is in progress, and sew a little. I have 4 link costumes to make! I have to admit that I am not feeling the Link costume excitement. But I am hopeful that once I get the fabric out and start making them, they will be fun. I have a lot of other projects for the kids that seem so much more appealing. Sadly, none of them will double as costumes.

I have fabric out for another romper for Rome, several LS tees for Tristan, and Kassi is long overdue for a new dress. But first:  link in blue, green, pink and red.
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