Saturday, October 10, 2009

pictures of sewing and kids

Happy Birthday, Anatoly! He is three years old today. Here he is wearing his new "A" shirt I made.

His party is tomorrow but he wants none of it. Even mentioning his birthday seems to upset him. I hope he has a good time tomorrow.

Gratuitous picture of Rome trashing the table. He is like a little rock star that considers no meal finished until he has smashed the equipment.

Kassiopeia in her K shirt and butterfly pants. I love it when my kids love things I have made.

I made Rome a romper instead of a tee-shirt. This was my first time with this pattern and I just LOVE it. It was easy-peasy and fits perfectly over his cloth-diapered buns. I made a 2T, and the cuffs keep the arms and legs up so he can grow into them.

The lowercase r is out of felted wool like the others, and the romper is cotton flannel with rib cuffs/ neckband. I used resin snaps. Rome was asleep, as you can see, but I hope he will wear this to the potluck bonfire we are attending tonight.

Tristan was too absorbed in DragonQuest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride to have a photoshoot. I have an apple cake in the oven for the potluck, plus I am roasting a chicken. Tomorrow for the party we are grilling and I will bake cakes.
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