Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Red Link!

The fourth and final Link Tunic is complete. This one is, as promised, a different design and I love it. Rome would never tolerate a separate hat, so I made a hooded raglan shirt from a soft red knit.

The hood has a drawstring to hold it on, but I did not manage to get a picture of the hat on him. Maybe I can on Halloween.


Almost! But he pulled it off.


The Hat is long and pointed, I think you can see that in the picture.


The Triforce: the stuff of legend, lol. I have had a lot of fun making these many Triforces. I grew up playing Zelda games, and have an undying love for the lore of the game.


Rome's is complete with matching pants, because I have noticed Rome needs some bigger pants anyway. These are the same knit with self-fabric cuffs and felted wool knee-patches for 'cutefactor'. Besides, the felted wool matches the Triforce. All he needs is a baby sword and shield! Maybe some bombs and a pan flute.


I will make posts for each of the other Link Tunics here soon.
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