Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Gifts Galore

I promised last night more and better pictures of Kassi's new earrings. So before I get into Christmas Gifts, here they are. She is so proud! (Bonus Picture of Rome)

I am beginning to prepare a handmade Christmas. Yesterday I picked up some wonderful remnants that will become various costumery.

Notice Rome is 'helping'... It is hard to see each fabric but I have black flannel-backed satin and velvet, Purple satin with glittery stars,

Here is the shiny snakeskin all the kids think is The Best!

The robot fabric on the left is twill, perfect for some pants for both little boys.

Closest is a beautiful mushroom flannel. That will have to become very special things, I don't know what.

We love dress-up here.  Knights, princesses, heroes, chefs... And the internet is just overflowing with ideas and free tutorials.

Dress-Up Crown Tutorial (I hope to make 2 or three crowns for all to share)

Baby Shoes for Rome

Superhero cape, for Anatoly

Pencil Roll and Art Bag for Kassi

A chef's hat or two

A princess's cone hat and a wizard's cone, but I couldn't find a good link. These are easy to make cone hats.

Among the remnants were several colors of costume fabric perfect for Knight's hats like this one:

We still have that one, but I am sure more would be appreciated!With all the swords Karl made there are many wannabe knights about the place.

Of course Karl is making the wooden castle still, and we are going to buy some books and dvds. Kassi will have a dress, and I hope to slowly make little clothing items (felt mittens, hats...) for everyone else and slip them away for presents. The best (material) part of our Christmas celebration is the 25 pound ham we have in the freezer.

Decorations are as much a part of Christmas for us as gifts and food and fun. We cut a tree from the woods across the street and bring it home, then we decorate it. We have LED lights and a few ornaments we have received as gifts or made. Each year we make a few more. Last year we made salt dough ornaments but this year we'll be making recycled sweater stars! I also think it might be fun to make a few garlands like these in festive colors. Or these cute flags.
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