Monday, November 23, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Ok, I know, that is silly. But for now we are going to assume it is true. In about 30 days we can take a small blood sample and know for sure, because... Jocelyn went on a date!

Her beau's name is Amigo, and they are spending Thanksgiving week together. I have been charting Jocelyn for a few months and expect her heat to fall on the evening of the 24th or the day of the 25th.

Here she is running to greet us. We are visiting her every day to feed her and keep her friendly.

Here is Amigo. He is a young purebred Jersey bull. Though he does not have papers, he is from a local all Jersey dairy.

These are the other girls with him. On the left is Little Fawn (a heifer, due in May) and on the right her sister Bonita (who is just bred back after her second calf) . Our friends whose cows these are milk Bonita and will be milking them both this upcoming summer. We are really thankful for the chance to get Jocelyn bred.

Jocelyn and Bonita side by side.

Time to say good bye. We'll see her again tomorrow.


I am so excited about this. We needed the break, I know, and I will really be ready when September comes around.
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