Friday, November 06, 2009

Felted Sweaters

I have a huge collection of felted sweaters. I have Karl's mom to thank for most of them. She seems to have a knack for picking the best and most interesting. She also shared a pattern for mittens sewn from them. I hope to make the kids' mittens soon from some of the best and cutest sweaters. Because I can only make so many mittens I am also on the look out for other projects. Here are a few I found this morning:

Felted Sweater Wreath- just in time for the holidays!

A Beautiful Blanket - from the same blogger

All of these things

There is even a book on the subject

Star Ornaments!

Martha Stewart's Stuffed Felt Animals

This is a hilarious mitten tutorial and it is a lot like the pattern Karl's mother gave me.

Cute polar bears

And of course, patchwork fabric for sewing just about anything I already sew. I am envisioning a romper for Rome made of patchy sweater pieces and lined with soft flannel...

Have you made anything fun out of felted sweaters? Please share!


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