Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Good Day

I don't have any pictures to prove it, but today was good.

We cleaned and laundered, the kids played, I sorted stuff in the laundry room. At one point the kids all decided to dress up as Link and I found a playlist of all Zelda music and they fought each other with swords. We cut up and serged a whole bunch of cloth wipes. We finger-knitted. Kassiopeia found a rare fall morel mushroom. Then Karl got Home, since he worked today, and we worked on the garden. Karl pulled okra plants and took down panels that once supported tomatoes. I pulled up posts. The pigs enjoyed the debris we threw to them. Eventually, we will plant winter wheat as a cover crop over the whole garden.

The kids helped a lot, but they also dug and burrowed in the dirt. Karl made a little bonfire and we raked leaves. We were tired and it was time to make dinner when we went inside.

I made tortillas first. Tristan helped grind part of the flour. I am learning to use whole wheat flour in my tortilla recipe, so I am only using part whole wheat. The tortillas are flour and salt and lard and water. Oh, and baking powder. We had a yummy taco dinner with those tortillas and fresh salad.

I have black beans soaking for tomorrow. The kids are watching Here Come The ABCs and Tristan is finger-knitting at the same time. He's making a suit for his Webkinz, Bar-Bar. What a good day.
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