Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Little Greenhouse in the Back Yard

Karl has written about the little greenhouse over at his blog. First, when he built it to house our last-season tomato seedlings and early pullet chicks. This fall he revamped it to supply winter greens. Then we filled it with delicious plants. Today I took pictures and want to show just how quickly winter greens can grow!

When we first transplanted the chard and kale, and direct-seeded the lettuce and arugula:

This is October 16th. The chard and kale were well-started, as you see. It took them a week or so to recover from transplanting.

October 24th (8 days later) we took these pictures. The lettuce and arugula have sprouted. The kale and chard have recovered and started to grow again.

October 27th- 11 days from transplanting and seeding. The chard is lush and full.  We ate some that night, I think. And below are pictures from today, November 3rd.

Toscano kale.


All the herbs we brought in are happy.


The lettuce and arugula have grown. This is 18 days from seeding. It is pretty amazing how quickly it will change from here. In 10 more days we will have baby arugula leaves in our salads.


We hope to have a very green, lush winter!
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