Sunday, November 15, 2009

More sewing plans

I made some progress on my Christmas sewing desires. Not much, but key planning phases. Key.

I went through my Master books and chose styles and sizes of the Pajama tops & bottoms I am making for the kids. I am thankful that Kassi & Toly wear the same size, because I am tracing & cutting over 20 pieces as it is and those are just patterns- not fabric. I have the pretty flannel prints we bought awhile back. Tristan, Toly and Kassi's will be plain pullover tops and pants with ribbing collars and cuffs. Rome's will have to be snap-front, because I am lazy my master doesn't have a pullover of woven fabric in his size. I only got about halfway through tracing and cutting pattern pieces. When I have that done I will steal moments to cut the cloth. It is really difficult to find time to sew secret items.

I also cut out pants for Toly in the robot fabric I bought the other day (there wasn't really enough for Rome to have pants too, but I saved the excess for patchwork) They are ready-to-sew in secret. I cut out two LS tees for Tristan. One will have the TARDIS on it in applique, the other is black & white striped jersey and has a skull & crossbones applique. They are both ready to sew in secret, except I have not cut out the TARDIS applique because I am a chicken I haven't made it yet. (Actually, Karl is making it for me) I cut out a few random gifts for others while I had fabric out.

I am going to have to start staying up at night to make patterns for things like crowns. When I have piles of books and pattern cloth out the kids are to bored to steal a look, but crowns and sparkle will tip them off. And I have yarn for a knitting present for Tristan. I printed out the pattern... it is going to be really hard to keep secret from my inquisitive son.

Kassi's dress will be basic as always- a long sleeved snap-up-the-back dress with a full, long skirt. I have a few fabric options.

I have 3 baby presents to make as well. One set of two girl presents (twins!) and one single, gender unknown. I love making tiny things.
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