Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mumps, Continued

We are homebodies anyway, but this Mumps business made us miss our favorite playmates' birthday party! I am not pleased. We are in the stage of waiting for the second wave, and just as I was thinking we could have miraculously escaped prolonged illness, Rome spiked a high fever and suffered all through last night. He won't tell me his salivary glands hurt but he does respond funnily when I touch those areas. Poor baby. And if Kassiopeia and Anatoly don't fall ill right now, that means it could be December before we are done.

Tristan is fully recovered, by the way, and I am glad. I dearly hope that in 16 days I am not like this:

Because my last MMR shot was as a child. More than that, I hope Karl remains unscathed.

Up most of last night nursing Rome, Anatoly somehow keyed off the awake energy and decided to watch Cars 4 times. It has been a long time since he did this, but he used to be that way every single night with My Neighbor Totoro. Yes that is 7.8 hours of Pixar's least enthralling movie. He fell asleep at the end of the last showing... but he is awake now as if he does not require sleep.
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