Saturday, November 21, 2009

Someone suggested

There might be nothing I can't do, sewing wise. It is funny, because the reason I am sewing so much is I am starting to feel that is true. Not because I am off the vanity deep end, but because I have hit a 'roll' of trying new things and experiencing success at the right times. I don't know about you, but I have to find a frequency for creation... If I have too much failure I can't sustain my momentum. Recently I have been doing things (with sewing) that I never thought possible for me, and they are easy. This is not like me at all. Right now, when I think about sewing possibilities the things I am not doing are not unattainable, they just aren't what I am doing right now. I can see myself learning to do any of them, if I desired.

I am not a very skilled seamstress. Anything I make has multiple flaws, chiefly due to my rushing habits. But I am not a process person, I am making an object that I need to use. It is an exciting feeling, possibilities!


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