Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Warm Weekend


The greenhouse grows. 23 days since transplant and direct seeding. It is about time to start a new arugula patch in that empty space.

The herbs and jasmine vine love it.

Kassi and Toly found some charcoal and the homestead is covered in black Ks and Ts.

Karl put away some of the soaker hoses.

Rome is so handsome!


Pigs: we love ours.


Karl cleaning out the hay feeder. He is so wonderful. And he's mine!


Another Mr. Wonderful I get to spend my days with...

A boy and his giant dog.


Toly lets the chickens eat right out of his hand. Rome just wants to swim in the corn.

Tristan has been wearing these work overalls for 3 years and is finally outgrowing them. I'd say they are worth the money... perhaps a gift idea.
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