Tuesday, December 22, 2009

again with the sparse update

Tomorrow we go in for an abdominal ultrasound for Tristan. He is having high stomach pains which the doctor imagines are related to his pancreas, but they are checking it out.

They lymph swelling continues, and continues to move around his body. Plus the stomach pains, poor boy. He has been sick, with few breaks, since October 29th. I am very frustrated with the medical professionals involved.

The blood tests all came back 'normal'. It was like pulling teeth, getting them to tell me that. They kept saying well, this doctor has to talk to this one and so on. No, people, you have the results and I want to hear them, now.

All negative, that means the next step is a lymph biopsy. I don't like it, and no one can really tell me what they are looking for with this next step. What else could this be? I wish I had both doctors in one room, sitting. I would tell them how this does not make for a Merry Christmas, that I want full disclosure, and I am really, really upset about the new Doctor. I have had plenty of time to deal with this, but you know how the holidays make everything more intense. (Argggh! I can't believe I just hyper-linked the name Doctor to that image! It's all wrong!)

Not to be too silly. Anyway, thanks for your prayers and ideas both. I will try to update. Merry Christmas to all.
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