Saturday, December 12, 2009

Illness Mysterious

Tristan is seeing a specialist. I have not chronicled what has been going on because we were not sure. Still, we do not know but the basic idea is this: We must not have had the Mumps, because Tristan's illness is lingering and relapsing. The long test for Mumps came back negative, and though I have no idea how accurate those tests are, I am inclined to think it was not the Mumps after all.

After his recovery from the initial, which was a salivary gland infection of some kind other than basic bacterial (this much we know, and none of his tests at that time came back for anything) , he had about 5 recurrences of intense swelling and fever/ malaise. These episodes were short and the swelling in new locations, lymph nodes as far as I could tell. We are seeing an ENT now who looked at his CT from the initial illness and saw lymph nodes all lit up. He took some blood, is testing for cat scratch fever and Wednesday we get a TB test.

Since we saw the ENT, Tristan has gotten worse. Now the nodes under his arms are so swollen they hurt him constantly, and last night into this morning he has groin pain and it hurts when he pees (he says). Right now above and below his ear, his right neck/ throat node, his underarm ad groin are the most affected but it moves around even over the course of one day.

Karl has to work today but after, if I have not been successful at getting in touch with the specialist, we may go to urgent care.
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