Monday, December 14, 2009

Not Much Of An Update

There is not much to report. We ended up going in on Saturday to have more tests done per the doctor's request. An abdominal CT with contrast fluids, more blood work, etc. His symptoms have changed- moved around, really- so that right now the inflamed nodes are around his right ear, down hi right neck and into his collarbone, very swollen under both armpits and painful right below his ribcage. Also, his entire groin area. The ENT is still involved, and today we may find out if he is willing to do a biopsy of lymph tissue. Otherwise our regular doctor will have us go far away to get it done. We are still waiting on results for cat scratch fever, and others. Wednesday we get a tuberculosis test. It is all very stressful.

Both doctors are very nice. We ran into one at the store and he stopped to talk to us about Tristan. I am glad we have good insurance for the kids.
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