Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Another Good Weekend

As Karl mentioned on his blog, we fixed up our black raspberries yesterday. It was good hard fun and even the kids helped. Yesterday was a perfect day for it. We planted these berries not last spring but the one before, and last year they were heavy with fruit. Because we had not done the right thing with the trelissing they were hard to pick and we often sent the kids in for the middle berries. This year should be much better!

Last Year's overgrown berries in bloom.

Nearby and our next endeavor are the strawberry patches. We should have gotten to the work they need in fall, but better late than never.

Every day marches us closer to the precipice, Karl's last day at work is February  1st. Elements are very exciting- mixed with all those elements which are very scary. To be sure, I would rather my husband be home all day. I rarely to never feel the need for time away from him. We love to work together here at home, to run errands together, eat together. The kids will love it too. Making the car payments and paying basic utilities is all I worry about. We are rich with food, and a roof over our heads, and all the entertainment here we could hope for.

I daydream of making a little sewing business up, not so much for true profit as cost offset for our own needs.

This week I need to can chickpeas. I have about 25 pounds of them. Chickpeas for hummus and chili and soup! Chickpeas for the whole summer so meals are easy when I am doing nothing but canning. I am knitting a hat for Karl and have a little sewing I would do If I could find my sewing scissors. We are back into a homeschooling routine so there is that each day, somehow the days get away from us.
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