Saturday, January 30, 2010

Easy Food

Earlier today I was thinking of what to make for dinner. I have a bad habit of waiting until afternoon to think of dinner. When you make everything fresh you need to be about it all day. I think I am making chicken cacciatora, which likely will be well-received by the family.

I went out to the laundry room where one of our two large deep freezers sits. This one was the largest, and holds a huge variety right now. There is beef, chicken, pork, cured meats, liver and other organ meats, even chicken feet. The other freezer is full to bursting with beef from the steer we slaughtered in December. We have our pigs going to town this Tuesday, but because our freezers are so full we sold one and are only bringing one home in little packages. I still will have to find room, what a pain!

Yes, what a pain to have so much food that there is no room for more. When I went out to find the chicken for my cacciatora (a good 6 pound bird we raised last summer), I also chose a 4 pound pork roast from our last hogs, 2 pounds of grassfed ground beef from my father's herd, and a pound of our almost-gone bacon. It was difficult to carry all 13 pounds of frozen, clean meat out of the room in one armful.

That is our reality, and sadly I take it for granted most days. We could eat well for a year on the food we have in our house right now. Hundreds of pounds of meats, hundreds of quarts of pickles, beets, tomatoes and apples. Butternut squash and sweet potatoes... even salt, sugar, wheat, beans, rice, nuts. If the greenhouse counts as our larder, we could eat very well for that year, with fresh herbs and salad and chard all year.

Whenever I feel poor, or scared financially since Karl's layoff, I try to think of what we have. And how well I can feed my kids. Not just food, which would already be a blessing, but clean food from our own land. I have a friend who jokes about our first-world problems. Here are mine: Where am I going to put all this pork? And how am I going to carry all this delicious meat out to the kitchen in one trip?
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