Monday, January 25, 2010

It Isn't Spring

I am mourning the warm weather that we had. I know it is not time, but I want it so badly. Spring means so many things to us. A lot of them look like this:

Loft boards -> French drains -> slipform walls -> poured floor -> cob and windows and doors -> finished milking barn, and it must be done by September!

Tear down old coop -> gather excess soil to amends strawberry beds -> rebuild large strawberry bed, build a third bed, replant beds -> strawberry jam!

Make seed order -> start tomato and pepper seeds -> nourish tiny seedlings in greenhouse -> plant and sell tomato starts -> tend lovingly -> pico de gallo!

Order chicks -> raise little birds until they can go on grass -> pasture rotate chickens all spring -> slaughter day -> food for winter!

Everything is in upheaval right now. Karl's confidence helps me steady, but in my mind I cannot say anything for certain. This is his last week of work. I will be so glad to have him home. There is nothing better than walking around our little place hand in hand, dreaming out loud about what to do next and what we want here. There is nothing more pleasant than working on such things with the kids playing around us: sometimes helping, sometimes hindering. There is no knowing how we will keep afloat and the most frustrating part is that afloat is all we need. We don't need extra. Just enough to pay our scant bills, to allow us to buy feed for the animals or pay the water bill. Karl thinks we can do it. By my nature I must worry that we can't until I am proven wrong. 

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