Sunday, February 07, 2010

Currently Reading

The Contrary Farmer (Real Goods Independent Living Book)

I have read this before, but am giving it a good re-read. The cover is nice and soft and Logsdon is one of my favorite all time people.

Chicken Tractor: The Permaculture Guide to Happy Hens and Healthy Soil

I really dislike the term chicken tractor, but I shall abide.

Five Acres and Independence

An old-timey favorite. Particularly enjoyable is the way the price of everything has octupled.

Day Range Poultry: Every Chicken Owner's Guide to Grazing Gardens & Improving Pastures

The cover of this book makes me feel ill. But you know what they say about that.

Gardening When It Counts: Growing Food in Hard Times (Mother Earth News Wiser Living Series)

This is a good book. Some of his opinions are strange. You could not find a gardening book that was more in line with what we already do here.
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