Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Inspirations

The baby is falling asleep in my lap and I am waiting for the laundry to dry. I have three new fabrics I just washed and hope to use soon.

The first is for sheer curtains in the playroom. It is a pretty print of children playing old-fashioned games. It matches the playroom walls so well, it is as if we bought the paint to match the curtains. And the walls are not usual colors, so that is saying something!

Next is a paisley-type cotton print Kassiopeia chose for a sleeveless dress. Well, she has described very short cap sleeves.

Then Karl picked out this black, white and red print for matching dresses for both Kassi and me.

I have two new dress patterns for myself I need to bravely try. One is a princess-seamed simple work dress, the other is a gathered peasant-style dress over which you wear a laced velvet vest. ETA: Karl helped keep the kids at bay and I cut out the pattern for the princess-seamed dress. I think I am making the first one out of a less beloved fabric, just in case.

I really need to get sewing to have spring dresses for both of us. Tristan and Anatoly need pants.

Karl is getting new trousers in the mail and I am going to buy a pattern for them once he decides he likes them. He needs a lot of work pants of high quality, I am hoping I am cut out for the task. The pants he ordered (and that the pattern creates) are these:

They seem easy enough to sew. Obviously, they require suspenders, which are more comfortable than belts and well, I doubt I have to tell the ladies how handsome they are. Up until now Karl has worn Carhartt work pants, but they are expensive and seem to fall apart as readily as anything else.
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