Tuesday, February 23, 2010

new sewing

I have been busy.

First, I made myself a dress. I have no finished picture because Karl is not home and my attempts at capturing it myself were failures. I am wearing it, though, and I love it. It is the princess-seamed full length work dress I mentioned before, made from a Butterick pattern.  I also made matching pantaloons, which are the perfect pants for gardening. I hope to make another dress beginning tonight, this time short-sleeved. Having the pattern already cut will make this one faster.

Then I made the curtains. They are perfect!

The kids love them.

I also just finished (this morning) a Romantic Girls' dress for Kassi from the Sensibility pattern.

Girl's Romantic Era Dress Pattern

I used the blue and purple fabric she chose, and gave it short puffed sleeves. She had requested short cap sleeves but when she saw the puffed option her mind was instantly changed. I'll have to get pictures sometime today.

We have many things going on right now. Visits to friends. I want to get my second dress done before the weekend.

Yesterday we picked up our bulk food order (50 pounds durum semolina flour, 25 pounds popcorn, 25 pounds chickpeas, 12 bottles grapeseed oil.) and while we were in the city we went to a thrift store. I found a 1969 edition of The Singer Sewing Book, a few readers for Tristan, a copy of Little House on the Prairie,  1001 Questions & Answers, and three nice cotton dress shirts for Karl. I love thrift stores. You just have to travel so far to find good ones around here.
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